A Day In the Life of a Great Horned Owl

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Ever wondered what’s been happening while you weren’t around? How often and at what time does she leave the nest? Is it about the same time(s) every day? Wish you could review the entire day to see what you missed?

Well here it is, the whole day in a 3 minute video, thanks to the wizardry of Tim Sears of HD OnTap. You can also choose earlier days from the pulldown menu. This has only been enabled for a few days now, but more will be added each day.

 See “A Day in the Life..” click for Time Lapse View


5 Responses

  1. Has anyone thought of a name for this lovely bird yet?
    Thanks for the effort youve made I love this cam!

    • David, we’ve discussed this a good bit, and after a good bit of debate and consultation with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the Landings Bird Cam team has decided not to name our birds. The camera is an outreach project allowing us a close up view of wildlife, and we would do nothing to diminish the fact that these are wild animals. We understand that naming creatures can catch and hold public attention; however we hope that you will find our birds fascinating without naming them.. We will keep calling them Mom and Dad, and will give the chicks sequential designations, maybe O-1 and O-2.

  2. Says HTML5 player not found. I’m trying to view the videos on an iPad. Will they not work on iPads? I can watch the live feed on iPad.

    • There’s sometimes interruptions in the realtime feed, but it should work well on iPads, and not so well on Androids. However, we may have issues with the time lapse video on iPads. Is that what you’re referring to?

      • Sorry for the late reply. Yes, that is what I meant. I can view the videos with no problems on my laptop so I just watch on it.