Beth Roth’s Oct 30 Newsletter

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Hooded Merganser Pair2-1Today the first male Hoodie was seen where it usually shows up first…in the Seawatch area of Delegal Rd. If you make a right on Seawatch and then your next right…the lagoon on the left is where it often shows up first. The lagoons on either side are good for hoodies and as the season goes on..other ducks. The slightly more southern lagoon (on the left) often gets Bufflehead and some other interesting species. Click on the picture on the right – male and female Hooded Mergansers from last year.

The last big lagoon on you right down at Delegal often turns up some very interesting species as it get cooler.

Hopefully you’re seeing more of our adorable Pied-billed Grebes..that have been arriving back on our Island (except for one that decided to summer with us in a lagoon near the dog park..spotted by Fitz).

Yellow-rumped Warblers are back in their usual roving gangs…and there are a lot of Ruby-crowned Kinglets….another cute active little bird that flicks it’s wings as it moves around.

I had a stunning Hermit Thrush (one of our winter regulars) at my birdbath yesterday…a solitary bird that loves birdbaths. Please keep your eyes open for some other species of thrushes that are moving through and report them…since Russ likes to keep records. Russ also had his first White-throated Sparrow of the season Please let us know of any other interesting species that you’re seeing. Check your Island species list to see the expected abundance of that species. Our checklist is also in the Landings Directory.

WE ARE ON EAGLE WATCH NOW.. Hoping a pair will use the nest that will be monitored by cams. There have been a few Eagle sightings near that nest. The are a number of Eagles (some young and not old enough to breed) that move around the Island and we’re always hoping to find a new nest. It’s surprising how hard it can be to find out where such large species are nesting.

Please keep an eye out for Eagles and report your sightings.

Hopefully you’ve seen the “show-off” Pigeon Island Eagles on the poles near the bridge and on the causeway. If you’re lucky sometimes you can see two together on one pole.

Good Birding Y’all