Cam1 Original Camera 24 Hour Time-Lapse Viewer

Each day just after midnight we publish a time-lapse video of the prior 24 hour period for each of our two Owl Cameras. On this page you can view the time-lapse videos from the Approach Camera.

Just click the play button to start the latest video from yesterday, or use the pulldown menu at the bottom of the viewer to choose some other day that you wish to view, then click play.

Depending on your bandwidth, you’ll see a more or less smooth 3 minute time-lapse video of the chosen 24 hour period as viewed by the Cam2 Approach Cam.

Note – before you have clicked the play arrow button, it might look like a video is playing, but that is actually just a few frames of the day’s video – it might look confusing, but just push play!

For other views:

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