TREEThe Palmetto course, host of the owl’s nest, is one of six golf courses at The Landings. The bird cam is the latest in the club’s long involvement in environmental stewardship.

 bluebird  All six courses have blue bird boxes the length of every fairway, 182 in all, making it the longest monitored trail in the southeast.
 She has finished laying her eggs and begins to fill in the hole Three holes on the western marsh where terrapin turtles lay their eggs in marsh side bunkers have turtle nesting boxes.
 2010-09-30-283-Monarch-nectaring-Lantana,-Sparrow-Field  The club has donated land that was previously used as turf farm for a wildlife sanctuary/pollinator garden and an additional 3+ acres is leased out as a community garden.
 Audubon International  Since 2002, all six courses have been certified as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries. skidawayaudubon/golfcourses


For more, click here to read Dick Miller’s 2013 booklet Environmental Stewardship at The Landings: A Priority That Defines Us.

The club has made a major commitment to reducing water use. An irrigation system uses collected storm water and reclaimed water through surficial wells before using potable water; and a state-of-the-art computer-driven irrigation system has resulted in 70% reduction in potable water use.

Course management includes a policy to keep non-playing areas naturalized for food and shelter for wildlife.

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