Owlet Siblings Show Off Together

This video shared courtesy of one of our Twitter followers this evening at 7:18 PM. Mom steps away for a few minutes and the two siblings are able to show their stuff together. Wonder how long it will be until we can’t tell them apart! 

Welcome little one!

4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the amazing up-close footage of these owls… what a treat! Is this the eagle nest on Modena, or is it a different one?

    I grew up in Savannah, & my parents bulit a house at the Landings in 1977. However, I now live in Portland, Oregon where I am a substitute teacher. Lately, I’ve been subbing for an amazing teacher… who 2 of my 3 children had. Soon she will be starting her infamous OWL unit, so I am going to pass this link along to her & a cousin in California who loves owls & is a amateur birdwatcher herself.

    I get back to Savannah about 4 times a year, & I’d love to see this nest when I’m there this spring. Thanks again for the great footage of these great horned owls… & thanks to my sister for sending me this link!

    • Julie, the nest is in The Landings on the Palmetto course overlooking Romerly Marsh. We would love to help your friend with her owl unit. Remind everyone that the next great backyard bird count is this weekend go to bird.org for more info

  2. Thank you for this incredible look at a small part of the world around us right here at The Landings. How wonderful to be able to have this close look at one of God’s creatures.