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  1. it was very sad to watch the little one coming down… which was very hard for him.. to get food when mom was calling … then she left with the food without giving him any….you could tell he was very upset and hungry… is he eating ok now?

    • Yes Irene, we think both young owlets are doing fine. They still need to learn to hunt but in the meantime, Mom and Dad are both hanging around and bringing them things. We don’t get to see them that often – they are extremely well disguised and the only time we can find one of them is when a crow comes upon them and starts giving them a hard time. Then with some patience we can usually pick out one or the other of the adults. Then it’s a real easter egg hunt to find one of the owlets, but we see them every now and then and they look very healthy! There’s no shortage of food here and Mom and Dad can keep them supplied and still catch up on their sleep..

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