Recent Video Highlights 10/13 and NEW 10/17

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We’re going to attempt to reprise the last week’s events with short videos – here’s the first couple of installments from Tuesday Evening Oct 13 and Saturday Morning Oct 17. In the first video, the female GHO arrives around 6:48 and stays for about 25 minutes. She spends her time excavating a nesting cavity, moving some sticks around, and generally trying the nest on for size. Most nights last week we had visits from both owls, and the male brought food to the female as part of the ritual of deciding on a nesting site. Check out the brand new video below! This is a bit earlier than last year, so we will be very interested to see just how variable the time frame for nesting really is. Stay tuned – a couple more videos later today!

Tips for quality viewing: If the video isn’t very sharp, try clicking on the “gear” icon in the YouTube video window. Choose 720P to get full HD video quality. However, if that pauses too often, try using a lower video resolution. It’s also a good idea to close any other windows that might be trying to simultaneously play the camera feed!

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  1. Good tip to watch at a lower resolution on youtube videos but how can I do that on the live feed cam? I can’t find anywhere to click to change that. I seem to get more buffering than live picture. 🙁 Thanks

    • Donna, we have been presenting both cameras up and running when you come to the site. When there’s a perfect connection, they both start up together and that’s great. But when the bandwidth is slow, it takes forever for the streams to start so that you have a chance to stop one of them. So we’ll try changing things to provide one view at a time, and maybe even set it up to require a click to start a video, and that way if you’re trying to read a post or watch an earlier video, you won’t have to wait to stop the real time. Thanks for letting us know!