So What’s a Beta Test Anyway??

As you probably know by now, we’ve been able to repair the old camera (power supply was blown out, probably by a lightning surge), and have also installed a brand new camera that’s got it’s own microphone, and it’s own nighttime infrared illumination, and gets it’s power over different wires running up the tree. We hope that having all this redundancy will be like taking an umbrella along when you go for a walk… That’s the best way to make sure that it doesn’t rain, and we’re hoping that this will be the best way to make sure that our camera(s) keep going through the very “interesting” weather that we’ve had this year!

Beta testing is a polite way of saying “Here it is and it’s working great, and we’re really happy with it, but we really don’t know everything we should, so we’re just going to have everyone use it for a while, and then see whether it’s really ready for prime time!”

For example, we’ve put both feeds up on the front page, and we think that’s a good thing. Once there’s some action in the nest, it should be fun to be able to see it from more than one perspective. But the downside is that there will be just about twice the data being passed around for every viewer of the website. That might not be a good thing, so we’re going to just begin letting people use all this and see whether there’s issues. Please leave comments to let us know if you’re having problems viewing the streams on various devices.

Finally, you might be asking yourself what the heck is that log doing in the nest?? We asked the same thing and were wondering if perhaps a Pteradactyl was thinking about nesting and was bringing some big sticks in to fix up the nest. Fortunately, we’ve started the 24/7 recording on both cameras and we caught the incident. We’ll post some video of the arrival of the log. We knew that lightning and windblown water was a threat to the new camera, but this particular hazard isn’t something we were thinking about. Luckily it missed the new camera, and even more surprisingly, this large branch has a “V” on the end that meshes nicely with one of the tree branches, and instead of tearing out a big hunk of the nest, it’s sort of extended the “jungle gym” that young birds will be playing on as they think about fledging.

So now we’re on anticipatory, beta-testing, nest-watching, bird alert! I saw a large bald eagle in the area last week, and an osprey was in the tree as we went up to install the new camera. There’s all kinds of possibilities in the air – stay tuned!

5 Responses

  1. Hi Rick, thanks for the response. Will give it a try for the next few days and see how it goes and let you know.


    • Hazel, also take a look at the time lapse videos and let me know how those are working for you. See the top article down below the two camera views

      • Hi Rick. Time lapses are working OK, and now getting more “Live” time too. I have been watching Long Island Ospreys who have just migrated and that may have been slowing my computer down some too.

        Tonight have only seen insects flying around but… there has been an owl in very close proximity to the nest and has been screeching very loudly. I hope they decide to take up residence.

        Since watching the owls here last time, I have now become quite the bird watcher not only on cams but more aware of birds whilst I am out and about, and today I saw a pair of bald eagles in a field on my way home. Beautiful.
        God sure did make some wonderful things for us to watch.

        Will be keeping a very close eye on this nest now that I have heard the owls.


  2. Hi, Great to see the cams up and running again. Was a wonderful experience last season to watch the owls. Absolutely amazing.
    From watching so far, just seeing a lot of buffering and not much “live” action. When it goes live it is only for a few seconds and then buffers for ages.
    Can anything be done about this?

    Thanks for all your efforts and hope we have a good season again.

    • Hazel, we’ve got it set up to show both cams at once. Try putting one cam on pause and that should make things better – let us know if that helps..