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Shopping for a mattress has never been easier thanks to online shopping giant Amazon and online coupon websites like Raise. This allows customers to choose between various styles, colours and sizes as well as features including whether the mattress is sold in stores or online.

Online retail in China trends under Covid-19: by the numbers · TechNode

Amazon has long since taken over the online buying market with its assortment of products. It has also become a major player in the US market in the last few years, and as of 2016, was the number one online retailer in the US in terms of growth in the number of sales.

In terms of global online retail, Amazon tops the list of online retail giant by having a 46% share of the market. By being very active in online retailing, Amazon has been able to increase its revenues and profits by 30% annually. With its e-commerce strategy, Amazon is able to cater to both online retailers and physical stores.

The e-commerce giant offers several ways to buy Amazon products online:

Purchase on Amazon by creating an account, or Sign up for an Amazon account and shop from your home without ever leaving the country. Both of the methods are available in India.

The key to Amazon’s dominance in online retailing is its extensive reach. According to a 2014 survey by Zacks research, Amazon has a 90% market share of online retailing in the US, with a 30% share of e-commerce market in the UK and 28% share of US retail market.