Fire truck with ladder extended
Eight Stories Up!


Our eagle cams were installed on July 17-18 with funding from Skidaway Audubon and approval from The Landings Club Board of Governors.

Southside Fire came on the golf course with Ladder Truck 7 to reach above the nest, 80 feet high.

Southside fire photo
Southside Fire Ladder Truck








Final Adjustments




Tim Sears from HD on Tap Del Mar, CA “the rock star” of camera installers arrived with the camera, enclosure, custom mount – and his wife Tiffany. Both were just recently back from Barrow, Alaska where Tim installed the first ever snowy owl cam.

Tim and his wife’s travels were highlighted in a recent article in UTSanDiego click here to read about this amazing couple and the more amazing places they’ve visited.


Tim in Tree with Camera
Tim Sears Installing Camera










Cameras Set To Go
Cameras Set To Go

Charles Eldermire came from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, NY, with a 2nd camera and to continue the discussion of partnership with the Lab. Charles’ took lots of photographs, as well as some time lapse video, and has shared these with us at this link. There are some great shots here!

Jim Ozier was on hand from Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Jim knew the way to the site by helicopter, as he travels all over the state monitoring eagles, but needed street level directions to get to the site.

Tim Sears, Rick Lavender, Jim Ozier
Tim Sears, Rick Lavender, Jim Ozier










Rick Lavender was also on hand from Georgia DNR. He knew of Tim Sears from work on falcon cams in Atlanta and pointed us in Tim’s direction.

Chris Stegelman with Southside Fire team
Chris Stegelman with Southside Fire team


Chris Steigelman, Director of Maintenance, South, dropped in frequently throughout the installation to keep things moving. He had previously gotten the power run to the nest tree from the nearby comfort station. And he was also key to getting contributions from Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association and Georgia Golf Environmental Foundation.


The story of the installation was reported on by local media and announced by The Landings Association to residents.

Jim Ozier gives us a 90% chance that the eagles will return.

We wait.



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