Change is in the Air – Literally!

Our wonderful nest and nest tree have given us outstanding experiences with eagles, owls, ospreys, red-tailed hawks, herons of all stripes, wood storks, eastern bluebirds, etc. etc. etc. providing a glimpse into their world.

But the nest tree has been dead for some time and has shed all it’s branches. A few years ago we added a strut framework to hold the arrival camera and to provide a perch for Dad as he brought fish to Mom and the chicks.

The tree has become a hazard and has to be removed, along with the nest. For the last four days, we’ve been in the process of building an artificial catchment in the adjacent tree where we will then weave a new eagle’s nest from sticks, spanish moss, dried pine straw and other natural elements. The structure was necessitated by the lack of any two branches near the same height in that tree, and we hope to do a good enough job that all manner of bird will consider nesting there. There’s still a lot of work to do so we’ve got to get back to it. The 86′ telescoping boom lift goes back Tuesday morning at 8:00 sharp, so everything’s got to be wired, tested, fine tuned and wrapped up by then.