Dad Brings Breakfast to Mom – And We’re On Hatch Watch

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About 7:40 this morning, Dad stopped by with food for Mom and owlet. Mom’s pretty excited when she hears him coming and he hangs around a bit, glares at the camera (“You looking at me?”) and departs. Mom eats some, not all, and then shares with owlet. Today could be the day when the second egg hatches. The first was born just 3 days ago, and when this one hatches, we will really be able to visualize the growth rate. What a difference 3 days makes.

Thanks to our friends at Cornell Lab of Ornithology for sharing this short video from this morning’s video stream!


3 Responses

  1. At 6:08 p.m. last night he/she left the nest and he/she was back at 6:09 with food. When it was off the nest I saw the 1 baby and the other egg had a large hole in it. I didn’t know they would be pure white.

  2. Mum gets so excited to see her honey. So cute how he looked right at the camera. Such a cute couple. Hope to see another Owlet this evening.

  3. So now I see why you don’t tend to get peeks of the baby from the side views. Her chest feathers sort of open outward like two double doors to obscure what’s inside. 🙂