Great Horned Owl(s) Visiting The Nest!

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Approach Cam Catches Owl
Owl Eying Nest Near Dawn 10/12/15

Our very sharp-eyed viewers have been spotting one or more owls visiting the nest near sunrise and sunset nearly every day for the past week or so.

In the image to the right you can see a couple of bright spots in the blue oval at the upper right. This is a Great Horned Owl sitting in the next tree checking our the nest, and probably getting ready tfor one last hunt as the critters down on the ground start moving around.This image from 5:52 am Monday Oct 12.

Thanks to April Rother for spotting this and giving us a heads-up!

Then later, at 19:52 (7:52 pm) on Monday, the same or maybe a different bird returned and sat on a different branch. Eliane Mercy W, one of our (new?) fans from Seraing, Belgium, spotted this later owl and posted a short video on our Facebook page.

Thanks everyone for doing such a great job keeping an eye on things! We’re getting pretty excited to see so much activity around the nest. As you recall last year the camera was disabled in early October and was repaired on Dec 15, and we saw the owls courting in the nest immediately after that, finally nesting and producing the first egg January 1.

The approach camera this year is giving us the ability to see birds that are scoping out the nest from neighboring trees, and when there’s lightning storms out over the marsh the display is really spectacular!

And in case you missed it, our partners at Cornell Lab of Ornithology have produced the following “Highlights Reel” from last season. Courtship to kids to empty nest in 5 minutes!