The Nest Passed Today’s Wind Test!

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Dispatch from Beth Roth:
Today the Eagle nest survived a “wind test”.The nest appears to be unaltered. The concern is that this tree is dying but it has been able to withstand a lot of the elements for many years…maybe losing a little here and there.
Jim Ozier of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources expects that the trunk and basic structure of the tree will remain sound for some years. Even with less foliage and fewer branches, he expects Eagles to use this nest since they clearly like this territory. At a recent Ogeechee Audubon Society Eagle Program, Jim showed pictures of trees that had been worn down to just a sad looking tree trunk, on which Eagles continued to nest. On occasion a nest can fall or be destroyed by severe weather issues, or collapse or fall due to too much weight, etc. Nests can weigh over a ton.
If there had been eggs or young in the nest on a day like today, one of the parents would’ve been hunkered down on the nest. Some of you may have seen more northern Eagle nests on nest cams,  with an adult sitting  in snowy and icy and  conditions.
Check out this video of the windy conditions on the first day of November!