A Rainy night in Georgia

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It’s a very rainy night in GA…thunder, etc. Some people have been having trouble getting on the cam…so if you’re one of them…just stay tuned. The answer to a previous post about the kind of noisy cat complaining in the background. It’s just a plain grey and white rescue, now lucky INDOOR cat.

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  1. Is the preferred way to submit comments and questions (if one does not use Twitter? ) to get answers throughout the day? Is there an email address or Facebook page that is monitored or is this “blog” monitored through the day?

    I understand from reading that the nest is about 75-80 feet up, at the 14th? tee of a golf course…but since all I can see is like a 5′ x5′ area of the nest it would be cool to have some context of what the tree looks like and where the marsh surrounding it extends. Is there a map? It would be really great to see photo from outside the nest looking toward the nest – especially if it shows where DAD spends his time.

    Also I’d like to know how common it is to let prey sit around dead for what, 8+ hours before eating. Do GHO typically eat it fresh and this “pantry” is just a modification of their behavior because of the young to feed or is this typical GHO adult behavior when no young are around? How about other owl species?

    • Steve – great questions. Below the video there are “posts” in blog format, with the newest on top. If you scroll down, and even click to see older posts, you can “excavate” a lot of the answers to your questions. In particular, if you look at these two posts, you will get a very good idea of what things look like up there.

      How to install and Eagle Cam – in one minute!
      Very Good News from Eight Stories Up.

      The second one has a short video from 12/15 of a trip up the tree to repair and modify the camera system. There are panoramic views from there – it’s 4 miles across Romerly Marsh to Wassau Island National Wildlife Refuge – overall 5 miles of uninhabited area separated the nest from the Atlantic ocean. We’ll also send out an image that shows where all this is relative to Savannah.

      Re: contacting someone, questions in our Twitter feed sent to @LandSavEagleCam will be answered by folks here on the island. They will also be forwarded automatically to @SavannahOwls and the folks at Cornell Lab of Ornithology may have additional info to provide.

      AND we’re trying to figure out a better way to ask and answer questions. Maybe “office hours” or something? We’ll think about it!

      Finally, how long prey are normally kept around: I’ve asked some experts to weigh in. I will say that since they don’t actually nest most of the year, they may keep prey stashed or cached in a tree but since they don’t hang around to guard it, it may be that it’s an all you can eat buffet and then they move on until they’re hungry again and catch another meal. We observed Mom eating songbirds multiple times before the birth, and this was a one (very long) gulp. This wouldn’t have been suitable for feeding the kids so they’ve moved up to larger prey. Might be true that small prey are better when you can’t take a doggie bag with you..