Noises heard from the nest area

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There is a frequent sound of a distressed animal (cat-like complaining) that can be heard on the bird cam. It turns out the house right next to the Owl’s tree has an indoor cat that is in a screened in porch….that evidently would like to be elsewhere. If you understand cat language… it sounds pretty mad and some of it would be unprintable on this site.

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  1. Don’t owls eat cats on occasion? Maybe that cat won’t be complaining much longer….
    Sorry cat lovers, it’s just a joke!

    • Yes, these owls can lift about 3 times their body weight – so a medium sized cat wouldn’t provide much of a challenge. The GHO is an “apex” predator, which means that generally they aren’t prey for other animals. Large cats are generally apex predators in their environments as well. House cats may well think they are apex predators as well, but they would be no match for an owl, eagle, some hawks, etc. if there were a shortage of other prey. This particular cat is a rescue cat who is definitely an indoor animal. It does have the run of a screened in porch near the tree, and is pretty vocal when it’s mealtime. Not unlike our mother GHO!

  2. So funny you talk about the neighbor cat “complaining”! We have an indoor cat that howls, moans, screams, you name it and she does it! Every single night! She doesn’t want to go out and we have no clue why she does this. It is very annoying. Is there a cat whisperer anywhere? :-). I so enjoy watching the owls! Can’t wait to see more of the babies!

  3. Sounds like a Siamese (I live with one) who just like the sound of their own voices and are not spewing cat expletives….