Apparently the Eagles haven’t signed the lease yet…

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So there’s been lots of activity at the eagle’s nest. Apparently they haven’t signed the lease yet, so a pair of great horned owls (GHO’s) have been there most nights making the nest nice and cozy for themselves. It’s very interesting to see the way they burrow down and then apparently plant their face on one side of the indentation and carefully use their very powerful legs and claws to carefully scoop pine straw up and out the other side. Should this be called the GHO cam?

RTH_1But a couple of days ago, about fifteen minutes after the GHO’s left at 6:15, an eagle showed up and was carefully inspecting the nest. Lots of modifications being made, and the GHO’s haven’t got a lease yet either. So this could get interesting!

RTH_2Then yesterday morning, a red tailed hawk was apparently interested in the nest, for the great view and the proximity to the fully stocked sushi bar out in the channels in the marsh.

We haven’t got much in the way of video from these for a variety of technical reasons, but we’re going to try to get all this going soon and then the BaldEagleGreatHornedOwlRedTailedHawk nest cam will be in business!