Another Nesting Pair of Bald Eagles??

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Beth Roth’s birding email from today:
Trish Potts has reported continued Eagle sightings in Oakridge..near Flowing Wells…that’s as you come in the Oakridge gate..lagoon on your left…Oakridge # 3 for you golfers. Stay alert for any Eagles carrying food (in what direction?) or other stuff. Also crows, hawks and everyone else also harass Eagles… so if you hear or see any possible evidence…let me know.
The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is always looking for new nests…hard to believe how hard it can be to find such big birds on such big nests. They surveyed our area by air recently
If you pay attention…you can see an Eagle flying somewhere on the Island…everyday.
OWLS…THE VERDICT IS IN…EVERYONE HAS RAVED ABOUT PATTY FROTHINGHAMS OWL PHOTOS. Take a look at these – two of the owlets from the ground – a view that hasn’t been seen by many! Then take a look at the others – what a difference a year makes. Same nest, but then the bald eagle was delivering sushi for young eagles. A pic of Mom on nest with young, and one shot of one of the juvenile eaglets. Click the images for a blowup – All these compliments of Patty – great job!
Thank you PattyDSC_0042 DSC_0044DSC_0023-004 Dinner Is ServedDSC_0001
Meanwhile, back with the Owls – yesterday at 4:00 p.m. Pam Lang saw Mom on the nest with the 2 young (from the ground) but didn’t have a camera.
When the parents are off the nest one of them is always on watch from a safe distance….(witnessed by the  squirrel mistakenly trying to pass through the nest 2 weeks ago)
For those of you that have been complaining that you’re having trouble sleeping because you feel a need to watch the owls in the middle of the night….before you know it they’ll be “checking out” with the parents…and many of you will be having serious Owl withdrawel
Good Birding Y’all

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  1. I have not spotted an eagle but there was a “festival” of hawks above Peregrine last night toward dusk. We counted over two dozen circling.

  2. Re ‘withdrawal symptoms’. I can relate to that. Here I am, it’s 2:45am and I am unable to get off this chair and go to bed. Curiously, I have become the ‘night OWL.
    Loving every beautiful moment.
    THANK YOU to ALL who have made this possible.
    Carole Kiel