Great Horned Owl Swimming in Lake Michigan

Not our owls, but a relative in this news story from last month. A couple of peregrine falcons who thought the GHO was intruding forced it down. Apparently swimming to shore can be the easiest way to get out of the water, and those wings make pretty good paddles – a great breast stroke!

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And by the way, Mom left the nest about 15 minutes ago for what might have been a meal provided by Dad. She wasn’t trying to be quiet as she dropped out of the nest, so I’m pretty sure she was not hunting prey on her own. She was back on the nest in 5 minutes of so.

6 Responses

  1. Seems like Mom has had a lot to deal with this morning. Even for the few minutes I tuned in, the crows sounded very close and were obviously disturbing her and even though she hasn’t really reacted you can hear a cat clearly in the background as well. Thanks for setting this cam up, very interesting.

    • Glad you’re enjoying it! The crows just don’t like owls, but you would think they would know that she’s not going anywhere. As for the cat, there’s an indoors cat that has the run of a screened in porch at a proximate house. I think what you’re hearing is the cat asking politely for it’s breakfast. The cat is definitely NOT an outdoor cat, however.

  2. When I woke this morning, I checked on the owl – she was off the nest! Just two eggs sitting there! I thought, what kind of Mother leaves her eggs out unattended on such a cold morning! So glad to know it was for such a short time! I guess she knows what she’s doing after all and I’m the fool!!!

    • Yes, we’ve all had that experience of tuning into an image of two seemingly abandoned eggs, but then she shows back up shortly. Apparently the short excursions are perfectly normal and OK even in extremely cold weather. Our temp this morning was pretty balmy for this time of year – about 50 degrees F.