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Monday, March 30thOur owlet are right on schedule…since this species usually leaves the nest around 6 or 7 weeks. And….as in many families, there is often one that has trouble leaving home. Don’t be surprised if you see them back in the nest briefly.Mom and Dad have been great providers and parents,  and there is tremendous availability of food in their area.When the nest was empty for while this morning, the white-breasted nuthatch was happily all over the nest collecting nesting material again.The owlets hatched February 3rd an 6th. “The information from Cornell says they are capable of three to four short flights of diminishing distance as they tire easily. After leaving the nest, the fledglings stick together for several weeks. They often roost together in  a tree in the immediate vicinity. Adults generally  roost away from the young, who react to the sight of begging calls and flights toward the adults. Adults bring their young occasional food items, even into September, and deposit them, leaving the young to dismember and swallow the prey on their own.Fledgelings remain close company for several weeks, thereafter in loose association.Fledged owls remain with parents throughout most of the summer and may be seen begging for food into October, 2 or 5 months after leaving the nest.Most nests are used for only one season (I hope not in our case); less commonly, a well nest in a firm tree crotch has 2-10 years of use before it disintegrates. By the onset of the next nesting season, young owls would have left their birth (natal) territory. After dispersal, most owls will be excluded from breeding by the aggressive behavior of territorial owls. ” 

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  1. I have enjoyed watching the owls this season and will miss checking in on them every day. 🙁 Thanks to all of you that make this available!

  2. Thanks so much; like so many others, this has been a most enriching experience. Thanks so much to the team that made this possible, and all the information provided.
    I understand the cameras will be removed now?