Owlets and Owls Still Hanging In There (And Out There)!

Mary Lambright (the voice of our LandingsBirdCam Facebook page) reports this morning:
I went out to the nest today. Both owlets are out of the nest, 3.31 owlet branch2but I was able to spot one in a nearby tree.  Mom caught a snake and brought it to the nest but the owlet wouldn’t come down.
She took it up to the owlet on the branch and then would bring it back to the nest but the little owlet wasn’t budging from its perch Finally she took it to an oak tree and ate it herself.  LOL
(Apparently Mom didn’t want to let the fresh snake go to waste, and anyway, there’s always more where that came from – these Owls are very fortunate to have such a great location for rearing the young! PS Notice the spanish moss – makes great nesting material – Rick)


3.31 mom owlet snake branch3 3.31 mom snake nest 3.31 mom in oak2 3.31 mom snake oak3

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  1. Beautiful photos of the owls. It has been such a joy to watch them this season. Thank you for making this possible for us.