The History of The Landings Bird Cam

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The following post is from The history of this tree, the birds that have inhabited it, and the future of the project!


Again the Ospreys are adding to the nest that was occupied by eagles years ago.  The cameras were installed in the summer of 2014, and a lone eagle checked out the nest several times, but no mate showed up and it finally moved on – later that year Great horned Owls took over the nest and raised 2 owlets in each of two consecutive years, 2015 and 2016.

The next year Eagles and Owls checked out the nest multiple times, but didn’t decide to nest. But each year after the Great-horned Owls finished nesting and left…Ospreys brought in a lot of nesting materials…and they went through nesting motions… but nothing happened until 2017 when there were probably 3 or 4 Ospreys fighting over the nest.
One Osprey pair took up residence and she laid 3 eggs. One hatched but within a few days the chick was stepped on during a fight with an intruder and didn’t make it. The Ospreys hung around for a while, but then left the nest site.
And again this year, Eagles and Owls have visited, but not nested. But again the Osprey have arrived and there is a lot of activity at the the nest site…so we should have some entertainment for this spring!

The Ospreys are busy decorating again, and courting…. so stay tuned.This is a better nest site for Ospreys than Owls (which usually like more cover and need more of a tree for their Owlets to branch out on the they’re getting ready to fledge)

Unfortunately this was a dying tree for many years and lost a lot of branches during our many storms…along with some of the camera equipment

After Hurricane Matthew, some structure was added to help perching and to support the spy equipment through the past few years….

So now you can tune in and start worrying how this Osprey nesting season will go.
I have a good feeling that his will be a successful year for our Ospreys…since they’ve had so much practice

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