Landings Bird Cam To Go Live This Week!

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The Bird Cam Team wants our sponsors and supporters to know that it is official: will host live streaming video from our nest camera on The Landings Palmetto golf course by end of the week. Stay tuned for the alert that it is up and running!. 

The site already hosts video clips of our Great Horned Owls, including courtship behavior and a view of the first egg laid on January 1. Happy New Year!

The live stream will be available 24/7 in partnership with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The video will also stream on Cornell’s site ( which regularly has half a million viewers and on the Georgia DNR site

Support from the Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association and the Georgia Golf Environmental Foundation was instrumental in making this nest view possible.

Many thanks,

Skidaway Audubon Bird Cam Team

PS while we wait for the stream to go live, here’s three clips from early this morning – In the first, just before sunrise, you can see a pretty wet owl sitting on the eggs and performing some acrobatics with that amazing neck to keep track of her environment while staying over the eggs.

In the second, she stands up to rearrange the eggs and herself, and you can see her powerful legs and talons. She seems to be prodding them and possibly turning them before settling back down over the eggs.

And in the third clip, you can see the IR nighttime illumination shutting down for the day – and even though it’s still pretty dark, you can see the correlation between how she looks by IR light in B&W and how she looks “in living color”.