We’re on “Hatch Watch” but meanwhile – you Will Not Believe this GHO rescue!

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We’re very fortunate to have the support of the The Landings Club here on Skidaway Island. The nest tree is on one of the golf courses and the club provides us access to it and has provided assistance to Skidaway Audubon with just about every step of the process over the last four years. In particular, Chris Steigelman, Director of Golf Maintenance South and Phil Soukup, his deputy have provided assistance and advice to us every time we’ve asked, From teaching us how to operate a 105′ lift to providing assistance in maintenance of equipment, they’ve been there for us, and for the owls and ospreys.

So it didn’t surprise me to hear that another superintendent, at another golf course went above and beyond the call of duty recently to rescue a Great Horned Owl. Craig Loving, Golf Course Superintendent of Lost Creek Country Club in Austin, Texas rescued this Great Horned Owl after one of the club’s employees noticed that it was snagged by fishing line caught in a tree. You will not believe this video! The bird clacked it’s beak repeatedly but otherwise cooperated fully with Craig as he worked to free his wing. This is one lucky bird, and one nice guy – brave, too!