Eagles and Crows: Don’t Mess With This Mom

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In this video, Mom aggressively clacks her beak, puffs up her feathers and rapidly swivels her head to warn off a bald eagle and then a group of crows. At one point she turns to the left to look straight behind her, and then hearing something to her right, turns her head another 70 degrees to the left, in order to look to the right! She is living proof of the range of motion being 270 degrees to the right and the left, for a total range of motion of 540 degrees!

Listen at about 15 seconds into the video for the eagle’s call. Could this be the original owner of the nest coming by to make sure the tenants aren’t wrecking the place? Not to worry – this lease isn’t up until the kids are ready to leave the nest. There’s always next year for the eagles!

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