Where are the Owls – or the Eagles??

Eagles OctSo to recap events, we had a lot of activity in the nest in mid-October, with two GHO’s in the nest every day, usually close to dusk or dawn, but sometimes mid-day. The last time we saw them in the nest was October 19, although they have been heard near the nest multiple times since then.
Meanwhile, a pair of bald eagles has been seen in the area many times. Below are two pictures from made by Doug Ramey with his phone as he was playing a round of golf on Oct 5. Then Tuesday (Nov 3) I got an email from Chris Steigelman, the Director of Golf Course Maintenance, South, telling me that Eagles 10-5-15 1.15 pmPhil Soukup had seen two eagles in that same area that morning. So we know that there owls are around but not in the nest as far as we can tell, AND that eagles are around but haven’t been in the nest.

Remember that last year we had both owls as well as a single eagle interested in the nest in October, and then just sporadic activity until early December when the owls got very serious about the nest.




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