Owls Decide To Sign The Lease!

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Our pair of Great Horned Owls have been at the nestGreat Horned Owl on nest 1:1:15 every night for a couple of weeks now, and the female was on the nest all day on 12/31. We thought she’d produced an egg, but she left in mid-afternoon with no egg in the nest. Then she returned in the middle of the night and hasn’t left since. At 3:00 today January 1, 2015 we got our first glimpse of the first egg. Looks like we’re officially an owl’s nest, and we are hoping to be able to bring the Great Horned Owl Cam online for the world to see in the near future. Meanwhile, here’s a couple of screen shots of the Mom and her first egg.

Great Horned Owl First Egg 1-1-15

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