Owlet 1 Fledges!

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Owlet 2 watches Owlet 1 fledgingWe’re not at all sure that it was on purpose, but last night at 8:02 Owlet 1 was branching very high up in a stiff breeze – when it came down at 8:07, it went right by the nest, and we were just a bit worried.

Here’s Owlet 2 watching it’s sibling soar by below the nest..





Owlet 1 has fledgedWe went out and tried to locate it last night in case it was on the ground, but it didn’t seem to be and we figured it had landed in the canopy of some lower trees.

This morning Patty Frothingham and Mary Lambright are out there and found all three owls, all looking just fine. Owlet 2 is in the nest feeling a bit left out,


Owlet 1 is in a tree that’s almost straight towards the sun, and Mom is watching in an adjacent tree. All are OK and looking fine – Yippee!

To get your bearings, below is a view from Cam2 or the location of the escapee (owlet1) – it’s perched in a tree that’s hidden by that branch – probably 30 or 40 yards away from the nest, and may well be exactly where owlet 1 landed last night! It’s a wild ride out there in the wind this morning. Use Cam 2 view to keep up with Owlet2, and Cam 1 view to keep up with Owlet 1. Or just use this Twin View Page.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.37.07 AM


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  1. Thanks so much for checking on owlet #1 when he made the big leap into nowhere. We’re all so grateful that your ground volunteers went out to check on him and found him to be okay. It was wonderful seeing them both back in the nest together again last night. Love those little guys.