Mom and Dad on the nest — Today!

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Just in case you missed it a few hours ago, Mom and Dad were together on the nest this evening January 31, 2015 at about 6:20. This is one of the few times we’ve seen both of them on the nest in the 30 days the eggs have been incubating. In the video below, he arrives just after she’s left the nest for a few minutes and when she returns they both step over to the eggs and vocalize to each other. He hasn’t brought any food this time, and she looks a bit disappointed. I wonder if there’s some pecking going on inside one of those eggs and an owlet is trying to emerge?

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  1. How exquisitely detailed your narration is! Do you know whether the male owl rests in a nearby tree during the day? If the female perceives an intruder near the nest, will she call (hoot) for assistance or simply defend the eggs and herself? Can the sizes, weights, and ages of this owl pair be estimated by observations from the owl cam?

    • Hatchlings are eagerly anticipated! We know there will be great visuals and commentary for those who witness the event and those who view later.