Mom Steps Out For Pre-Dawn Hunt

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Mal Welch was watching the feed this morning and at about Owl 1-11-15 6.26 Eggs Unguarded For 20 Minutes6:25 am when she saw the Owl leave the nest, presumably to feed. While Mom may have been very near, or her mate might have, she didn’t return for 22 minutes. It wasn’t that cold this morning (around 45 degrees) and apparently this behavior is quite normal. Nonetheless, it’s disconcerting if you happen to tune in to see an empty nest!  But this lays to rest any speculation about whether there’s two or three eggs! Mal captured both the image at the right which shows the eggs, as well as the video below of the bird returning to the nest and carefully working the eggs under her feathers to get close to her body heat to continue the incubation. Can’t wait until this goes live for everyone later in the week!