Showing off Owlets and Dealing with that Darned Stick again!

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Earlier this afternoon, Mom got up to stretch and showed us the two owlets. They are little balls of fluff at this point and it’s hard to figure out where one stops and the other begins. Mom continues to do battle with that darned stick. The stick was placed there by our Bald Eagle last time it came by – it also filled in the indentation the owls were making in the nest, but shortly thereafter apparently gave up hope that it’s mate would be returning and left the nest to the owls. And they have certainly made excellent use of it, despite that darned stick!


4 Responses

  1. I suspect that since great-horned owls don’t build a nest they are not inclined to pick up and move sticks around in the nest or do much nest maintenance in general.

    • Yes, we haven’t seen much in the way of nest maintenance, but we have seen Mom moving a bothersome stick out of her way. You can see that their beaks just aren’t designed for carrying heavy sticks like the eagles. Nonetheless she finally got it out of her way!

  2. As I’m writing this (11am the morning of this post), it looks like mom has found a use for that darned stick…food shelf.

    • Food shelf and maybe playpen. That’s a nice big nest, but it’s 75 feet up so it’s nice to have a bit of a corral around the chicks once they start moving around the nest!